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Architect, Access Consultant and Livable Housing Assessor

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Access Consulting

We offer a complete range of access consulting services both throughout Australia and internationally for many different building types.

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Architectural Services

We work with our clients to create a usable and practical home that accommodates specific needs and requirements.


Livable Housing

Our services range from assessments of development application documentation through to site inspections during construction.


Meet Lindsay

For over fifteen years, Lindsay Perry has been providing access consultancy services throughout Australia. She is a registered architect, accredited access consultant and livable housing assessor holding a Bachelor degree in Architecture and a Master of Disability Studies. 


A Little Lindsay Love

"We found that with her broad knowledge and experience, Lindsay was able to provide rational and practical advice to clients including managed solutions / action plans for difficult buildings and sites."
- Architectural Services Client
"She is a loyal consultant who displays a devotion and passion to all things access."
- Access Consulting Client
"Thanks to Lindsay, I am able to move around my house with no limitations. I love being home and feeling comfortable in my own space again."
- Liveable Housing Client

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