Access Consulting

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Experienced & Practical

Experienced in a wide range of projects including Commercial and Office Buildings; Aged Care and SEPP Housing for Seniors and People with Disabilities; Healthcare; Industrial; Retail; Housing; Education; Public Domain; Hospitality and Heritage, we offer practical advice to realise accessible environments that are inclusive to all.

‍We offer a complete range of access consulting services both throughout Australia and internationally for many different building types.

Flexible & Committed

The scope of projects spans from small retail fit-outs to high-rise commercial and residential developments. We have worked worked across seven states and territories throughout Australia as well as at the international level.

Committed to ensuring that accessible environments are created that will improve the quality of life for the community as a whole, we consider a wide range of disabilities in our work and adopt a best practice, performance-based approach. All advice is based on project specifics and takes into account various factors such as site topography, heritage and existing site conditions.

Services offered include:

  • Access Audits of Existing Buildings;
  • Preparation of Disability Action Plans / Accessibility Management Plans;
  • Appraisals of Building Plans for Proposed Development at all design / documentation stages;
  • Site inspections during construction;
  • General Advice;
  • Expert Witness;
  • Performance Solutions; and
  • Training Packages

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